my good for nothing family

Today was yet another snow day here in Happy Valley. Our Super Bowl party was affected by the impending snowfall. Honestly, I think the snow missed us, but the icy conditions created the day off.

As I was thinking about what I’d write tonight, I found myself wishing that I had something spectacular or immensely cute to share. And there were a few moments today, don’t get me wrong. Charlie got a little hoppy frog game in the mail from Boompa and Pappy, which we played for a good while. Jase sat on the bed with me tonight playing a very simple game of catch (I’d toss the ball into his belly; he’d grab it and hand it back in my general direction.)

But for the most part, our day was nothing special. We ate together, played some games of Settlers and Mario Kart/Mario Baseball, read books, did homework/youth ministry work, and whiled the day away together.

As I reviewed the day in my mind, it dawned on me–this is what life is about. Family, spending time together, not doing anything special or fancy, but enjoying life together, loving each other, laughing and playing together. It’s pretty simple.

Family is good, even when there’s nothing going on.

I’d post some pics from the day, but I was having too much fun living the moments that I didn’t take any. I thought about it, truly I did. But I put the phone back in my pocket so I wouldn’t miss Charlie hopping the frog into the pond or Isaac crushing another homerun off me.

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