what’s your go-to story?

I love to tell stories.  As a communicator, that’s one of my strong suits.  As a high I personality, that’s both a strength and a weakness (too much me in the mix.)  There is always a story to go along with the one you just told, and I’ve had to learn to rein in my tongue.  I never mind talking, especially about myself.  I’m not particularly proud about that, but that’s me.

Truth is, everybody has a story to tell.  Some of them are extraordinary.  Others are pretty run-of-the-mill.  When a story connects with me I find myself reacting emotionally.  Does that happen to you, too?  We all love a good story.

I ran across this news story about my alma mater and their 3rd National Championship in NCCAA Baseball in the last 4 years.  Wow.  That’s impressive.  Woohoo for you TFC Eagles.

My years there were not as stellar.  I, too, was on the baseball team.  Our results were drastically different than those of the recent Eagles.  In fact, my first year at TFC we were winless.  Yep.  No wins.  All losses.  The only bright spots on the schedule were the rainouts.  The only game my grandparents ever saw me play in college was a 34-0 loss to Spartanburg Methodist Junior College.

And I love to tell the story of that winless season.  It’s become one of my go-to stories.

You know, the “We Win!” stories are great, and get headlines, but it’s the “wow, that hurt, but I sure learned a lot” kind of stories that stick with us, aren’t they?  Those are the ones that we end up telling to our kids, passing on to the next generation.  I suppose it’s true that time heals, and the day does come when we can look back on our losses and see them in a different light.

That being said, losing 17 straight games was pretty awful.

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