Team Sublett’s Supporters

Team Sublett (that’s what we call our family) is looking for folks who are interested in praying for us and/or partnering with us financially.

If you’d like to take one day of each month to pray for us, please click this link to let me know. I’ll add you to the Team Sublett prayer shield roster and start sending you a monthly prayer reminded, as well as a sweet Team Sublett sticker/prayer reminder!

Team SublettHere are some of the latest Team Sublett prayer needs:

  1. Finances: Calvary has given me the green light to begin to raise funds to supplement our income. While the salary I am paid is competitive, we have more children than the average family. We’ve been blessed by the generosity of folks around us, but some of the financial support that we have been receiving is going away as of this month. Finding some people to partner with us financially each month would be a great blessing to us. We aren’t trying to get rich or live above our means, and God has been faithful to provide for us. But if you’d be interested in joining our support team, your gift can be processed through Calvary so that you get a tax credit, and we would be grateful. You can email me for more info.
  2. Please pray for the hearts of our children to be turned to Jesus. We are aware that growing up in a ministry family can have some negative effects on the faith of teenagers. We are asking Jesus to make himself known to our kids, to draw their hearts to him, and to let them know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are loved.
  3. Pray for Jase’s development. He’s a little behind in terms of speech, and it’s terribly frustrating to him when he can’t get his wishes across. He’s such a happy little guy most of the time, but every once in a while he has some angry outbursts. We believe that he’s going to grow out of this, and learning to speak will certainly help.
  4. Pray for college decisions. Levi is 20, and currently on a break from college trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Lilly is graduating this June, thinking about attending a great theater school (maybe in Philly—Lord help us!) Josie will likely do a “super-senior” year at State High to fill in some of the gaps in her education.
  5. Ministry: As my role at Calvary continues to morph (which I enjoy, by the way) please ask the Holy Spirit to empower us, to guide us into truth, and to fill us with the power of God’s Presence. We are currently involved in leading children’s ministry, youth ministry, and worship at Calvary Harvest Fields.
    1. Right people in the right roles for the teams we lead
    2. Kingdom priorities and purposes (Acts 2:42-47) across the ministries we help shape
    3. Unity among the leaders at Calvary, and in the Church of the Centre Region
    4. Breakthrough, especially among the teenagers, in the areas of Intimacy with God and Spiritual Battle. Those are the two phrases that I keep hearing from Jesus as I pray.