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Well, it was what I thought it would be…splendid.  We got to spend the day listening to Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel talk about organizational health, values, and culture.  They we funny and pointed in their assessment of the Church or North America, speaking in generalizations, which were pretty spot on.

This was a great topic for the staff of Calvary to dive in to.  We’ve got some incredible things happening at many points around the Calvary family.  We need to spend some time sorting through some of our weak spots to make sure that we’re moving toward being healthy.

It’s no surprise that my personal take-away is the fact that I need to make sure that I am healthy as a leader.  This affects more than just my role as a pastor at Calvary; it shapes my family.  I am glad we got to spend the day learning.  Now I have to dig in to the application of what we learned and bring the learning to where we live.

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