investing in the next generation

One of the things that I find most exciting about my job is the fact that I am part of the team of people shaping the next generation of leaders.  That’s also one of the pieces of Calvary’s OneByOne Initiative that gets me jazzed–being directly influential on the next generation. (You can read more about our plans here.)

Tonight I had the privilege of speaking to a 2 groups of young men from the PSU football team.  They gather every Tuesday night to study the Bible, pray, and talk about what God is doing in their lives.  We talked about Risk & Reward, how important it is to have a heart tuned to hear God, and the fact that Jesus calls us to follow him into some wild and precarious places. I loved being part of the discussion.

Have you read the story about Jonathan and his armor bearer?  Take a moment to re-visit it, and tell me what you would say to the next generation based on this passage.

And here’s the video outlining our vision, detailing what we believe God is calling us to do…

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