how do animals have babies?

That’s Josie’s question!  She and Kim were reading a book about mammals today.  It’s fun hanging around Josie, because we never really know what’s going to come out of her mouth next!  She’s got such a sweet innocence about her.  She trusts us, and knows that we love her, that our home is a safe place to ask her questions–even when they make us laugh!

I thought that Kim was going to have to launch into the sex talk with Josie today.  But that’s not the direction that the conversation went.  Kim explained that baby animals (mammals, at least) are made the same way that human babies are; the daddy and mommy have sex.  Then there was the pregnant pause (see what I did there?) before Josie asked her next question:

How do they get to know one another?

Whew!  I would have expected some further questions along the sex line, but Josie wondered how the animals developed a relationship that resulted in the procreation of the species.

Kim told her that they talk to each other…the daddy pigs talk to the mommy pigs, the daddy dogs talk to the mommy dogs, etc.  Josie then wanted to know if the pigs could talk to the dogs…

I love that girl!  She’s definitely one of us.

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on our perfect family vehicle.  Charlie was sleeping tonight when I got home from worship team practice, so I’ll have him select a winner from the commenters tomorrow.  And the prize is going to be super-duper!

My buddy Andy whipped up the official logo of Team Sublett today!  Ain’t it cool?!

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