metro worship goodness

Tonight was another city-wide youth group gathering, and we’re gaining steam!  The worship was sweet, Pastor Zac challenged students to actually TELL the good news (as opposed to simply letting their lives speak), and we had several more youth groups join us. My buddy Jarrod and his group hosted us tonight, and the room was buzzing with students! And my wife did a fabulous job creating some interactive prayer stations to help students connect with Jesus.

I’ve said it a thousand times or more, but I love it when the Church gets together to worship, pray, and focus on God’s word.  And if we can reach this generation with the gospel, if they find the life that Jesus has for them, they can change the world!  The first batch of Jesus followers left that kind of legacy; why can’t this one?

I’m praying for some sort of catalyst, something that ignites a revolution of love and grace and truth and power like we have never seen.  I’ve read that many of the major revivals have started with the youth of the region.  O God, would you burst through here in our town?!

From the Day of Pentecost, there has not been one great spiritual awakening in any land which has not begun in a union of prayer, though only among two or three; no such outward, upward movement has continued after such prayer meetings have declined.—A.T. Pierson, quoted by Arthur Wallis, In the Day of Thy Power, p112

that was a first

I’ve been eating breakfasts at the Waffle Shop (the one near Blue Course Dr) for almost 16 years now.  That place has been my office away from the office.  All my breakfasts with my small groups or leaders happen at the BCWS (Blue Course Waffle Shop.)  My order never changes (sausage omelet, swiss cheese, 2 cups of strawberries, and a never-ending cup of coffee), so many of the waitresses know what I’m ordering when I walk in. That’s a pretty sweet feeling.

I know several of the waitresses by name, and a few of them have shared parts of their story over the years.  I always ask them if there’s anything that we can be praying about for them, and some of them have appreciated that.   But today something different happened.

Our waitress was new (at least to me).  I made a little small talk with her to give Ben time to decide what he wanted to eat.  When I asked if we could pray about anything she had something specific.  So we prayed and ate and talked and drank endless coffee.  But when our waitress brought our bill, she also handed me a note.  As she placed it on the table, she said, “If you were serious about praying for me, here are a few things that I’d like you to pray about.”  Ben and I were stunned!

I LOVE the fact that God is opening doors for us to care for the people in our community. And I’m certain that God is up to something here!