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Here are the announcements for the week of April 13, 2015.

Senior High Dominican Republic Mission Trip news: June 7-13! Were pleased to be partnering with Miguel Shaul and the good folks of Tierra Prometida. They are spreading the Kingdom across the Dominican Republic, planting churches from barrio to barrio, equipping Dominicans to reach Dominicans. The cost for the trip is $600 plus airfare [$429 right now out of Baltimore, $503 out of State College], or approximately $1100. We have a fundraising plan, and can get you all the info that you need to get the ball rolling. If you want to be part of this trip, please email Stac. A $100 deposit is due asap, and there is an application/information packet that we’ll get to you. This is a VISION trip: we’ll be meeting with several groups to determine (via prayer and the Holy Spirit) if we are to partner with them for the next 5 years to plant a church in their town. It’s a different kind of trip for us, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Register for the CityServe retreat here. Itll cost you $5 (for breakfast) but youre going to work hard, bless some folks in the community, and make some great friends & memories along the way!

Easter has come and gone, Now What? Thats the new series that were kicking off this Wednesday at XStream.
Overview: There are some moments in life that leave us all thinking, “Now what?”. Maybe it was when your teacher handed you a huge assignment and you didn’t even know how to start. Maybe it was staring at the blank screen after that assignment accidentally got deleted. Maybe your “now what?” moment came while sitting on the side of the road with a broken down car. No matter what the situation, you have probably had few experiences that left you with no idea of what to do next. In many ways, that’s how Jesus’ followers felt after He was crucified. No one expected him to die. Many of them had left their homes and jobs and families to follow this man they thought would be their new leader, a king who would fix all of their problems. Then He was killed and all of those hopes came crashing down. Some cried. Some ran away. Some were paralyzed by fear. But deep down, everyone was asking the same question, “Now what?”.
To remind students that no matter what disappointments they face, God knows their name and can work through their difficult situations.
To help students understand that God is always walking towards them; and to encourage them to walk back towards Him.

Click here to view the ParentCue, which contains some helpful tips and suggestions as to how you can discuss and apply some of the things we’ll be talking about.

Save the Date:
April 25-26       XStream CityServe overnight retreat/service project
June 7-13        XStream HS mission trip: Dominican Republic
July 29-Aug 1  Impact 2015 (XStream’s summer camp)

As I always say, Mom, Dad, your voice is the most important voice your kids will hear in terms of their spiritual development. You can do this, because God will work in you. You love Jesus, and pour yourself into your kids, and good things will happen.  I believe in you, and I love your guts.

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XStream 2015 Calendar

 April 2015
15   XStream 7-8:30pm
18   Blue White game/Girls Night (7-10pm)
19   HS guys Bible study at Nathan Ponshouse, 6:30pm
22   XStream 7-8:30pm
25-26 CityServe Overnight Retreat
29   XStream 7-8:30pm & Parents Mtg

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